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    by Jessie | Sep 06, 2016
    Hi TGs!

    I know I say this every month but seriously, I have SO much to tell you. It all started with a surprise delivery in the mail. I wasn’t expecting anything, but got the shock of my life when I opened a letter addressed to me with FIVE TICKETS TO SELENA GOMEZ’S CONCERT inside. Whaaaaaat? Apparently I’d won them in a competition that I totally forgot I’d entered. Obviously I screamed, laughed, cried and danced around the house!

    riviera maya weather 500JB_02_Sept

    Choosing who to invite was easy. I knew that Catherina and Anissa were both the world’s biggest Selena fans, and that Ash was always up for anything (plus, I really wanted to introduce her to the others). Oh, and then there was mum of course!

    The day before I hosted a little crafternoon at my place where the girls came over to make a cute sign to take to the gig! It said “I heart Selena” and was covered in glitter! That night we seriously couldn’t sleep.

    The show was ah-maaaaaazing! Selena played all her hits (we sung along to every word) and her outfits were super cute (I think she changed three times). Even mum got up and danced!

    The highlight of the show was when Selena totally noticed our sign from the stage! In between “Good For You” and “Same Old Love” she said “shout out to the girl gang with the cool sign!” Life. Made. I honestly don’t know how next month is going to top it. Until then…  

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    Jessie x
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    by Jessie | Mar 04, 2016

    play diner dash for free Hi TGs,

    manuales de procedimientos  

    the milwaukee channel You know one of the things I LOVE about Term 1 at school?? The school swimming carnival!! It’s just soooo much fun to get everyone together and support your BFFs, and to practice swimming!

    north and south gaskell  

    santa barbara fiesta My school sporting house’s colour is bright BLUE so we ALL wore blue!! I’m not the best at swimming, but I always give it a go anyway for participation points, but I just get SUPER excited cheering on my teammates too!

    bus berlin hamburg  

    strategic management concepts Every year we have a TOTALLY different theme for our house, and this time we decided to embrace the water and go for bologna book fair Under The Sea!! I wore a top with a bubbles print on it – it was AWESOME! AND one of the house captains even wore a dolphin ONESIE! It was totes adorable! Everyone was throwing around inflatable rings throughout the day, so we all had a go at wearing them!

    truck cap prices last minute bookings Jessie swimming carnival

    natural beauty basic So I HAVE to tell you what happened when I was doing the relay race. The relay race is where you have four members of your team, and each person does a lap of the pool – the first team to do all four laps wins!!

    rock n roll bed  

    lilly pulitzer dresses SO when it was my turn to do the lap, I ACCIDENTALLY dived in waaaay too early and swam half of the pool before I realized! LOL! My team members were shouting at me to come back so I quickly swum back and had to do the lap AGAIN!! It was totes EMBARRASSING, but my teachers were so proud of me for being a good sport that our team got a special award for sportsmanship! Woohoo!

    adventure online games  

    museo arqueologico madrid jackson rathbone ashley greene Have you guys had a swimming carnival this year? Tell me about your fave part in the comments below!

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    imperial to metric converter Jessie x

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    by Jessie | Feb 05, 2016

    bathroom escape walkthrough Hi TGs,

    venta autos clasicos  

    terminal la bandera So I’ve noticed that a couple of you are interested in starting your own blog one day, which is AWESOME!! I was sooo excited to hear that because I LOVE updating you guys with what’s happening in my life, but this time I thought I might share some of my fave tips for blogging with you!

    o reilly obama interview terry and june Blogging tips

    hotels chula vista SO, here are some things to do: 

    1. wedding table decoration ideas Write about something you’re SUPER passionate about! Ok, so for me, it’s my fam, friends and my dog Cotton and kitten Chloe. But for you, it could be ANYTHING, like fashion, arts and crafts or even baking!
    2. sonetos de amor Post as much as you can! The more often you write, the better you’ll get at it and the more people will read your awesome stories! That's why I love having my regular page in TG each month!
    3. popular funeral songs Don’t aim to get followers, just blog for fun! I reckon blogging is a really, really awesome way to practice writing, and people will be SO excited to read it if you show how much you love what you’re writing about! So just give it a go!
    4. senseo latte select Get your mum or dad’s help with starting your own blog. Defs always ask for permission first TGs! Your parents can help you set up the site, plus they may even have some cool ideas to share. Oh, and one thing to always remember - you’ve gotta be SUPER careful about your privacy on the Internet!
    5. la raza de michoacan BE YOURSELF! This is totes important, coz it’s what will make your blog unique! Write how you like speaking and in your own style - it will give your blog a personality!

    alarm clock nature sounds  

    myspace music surveys When I first started blogging, it was mostly just Mum and Holly reading and they were sooo supportive! But now I’ve got all of you awesome readers and I absolutely LOVE keeping up to date with your news and comments. So the main thing to remember TGs is just to keep trying at anything you do, and you will totes succeed in the end!

    bit che download tipo de cambio dolar canadiense  

    mozilla firefox pl download impala seat covers If you had a blog, what would you blog about? Tell me in the comments below!

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    t v licence Jessie x

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    by Jessie | Jan 21, 2016

    meteo pays bas Hi TGs!
    round cake pans
    OK, so do you know what I love about the end of the holidays and going back to school most? OBVIOUSLY getting to see all my friends and my fave teachers! But I also LOVE getting organised for the new year!
    airless paint sprayer reviews
    Mum, Holly and I all went shopping together the other day to get our school supplies! I decided to get a 2016 diary so I can put in all my homework and the fun stuff I’m gonna try after school – plus there’s EVEN a section at the back where I can write all my goals!
    ocean beach hotel
    We’ve totally decided to play a fun game at home too – we made a HUUUGE poster that has a calendar of the year and have colour-coordinated our schedules! Every time Holly, Mum or I finish something we’re proud of, we get to put a BIG gold star sticker on the poster next to our names and at the end of the year, whoever has the most gets to choose their fave restaurant to go to and celebrate together!

    ann arbor mi homes for sale village of schaumburg Jessie's blog school musical

    wireless broadband router shaggy dog story
    sothink dhtml menu
    PLUS, I just remembered that this year, my school is starting a new program – they’re putting on a school musical!! I’m not the best at singing, but I reckon it could be SO much fun to get involved – maybe as a dancer or even doing behind the scenes stuff! I’m totally gonna try it out!!
    coupons for subway
    harvey world travel But I really wanna know… what are you most excited about for going back to school? Tell me in the comments below!
    jazz new orleans fried chicken country song
    I’m gonna try and start writing more updates so tell me if you want to hear about anything in particular!
    moving to germany
    Until next time,
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    by Jessie | Dec 28, 2015

    kitchen corner cabinets Hi TGs!

    angel soft toilet paper  

    move shake drop lyrics I am SO excited because it’s finally the HOLIDAAAYYSS!! I’ve been loving all the time off school to hang out with Holly, and spending heaps of time giving Cotton and Chloe belly rubs! It's sooo funny, if you give one of them a pat, the other gets super jealous! Plus I love getting the whole family together for Christmas time!

    institute of internal auditors ft lauderdale employment Jessie and her family

    morristown new jersey But I’ve been thinking, I have NO idea what 2016 is going to be like! So 2015 was the best year EVER, and I had so many cool adventures! But what do I want to do next year?

    black lyrics pearl jam  

    universal mind control I’ve thought about it and this is my list of things I’ve GOT to try in 2016!!

    cockfighting in the philippines  

    rock island county court records 1. Playing volleyball – I’ve always reaaally wanted to try it, plus it’s such a cool game to play at the beach! I might see if my friend Angie wants to try it with me…

    episodes of hannah montana 2. Reading more books. I looove to read and there are so many I haven’t even tried yet!

    the marshall mathers lp 3. Writing a letter to one of my heroes. I CAN’T decide if I want to send something to a celeb I look up to or someone in my family, but I’ll keep thinking, lol!

    millions of peaches 4. Going camping with my family. I love getting outside and seeing really cool animals and exploring nature and stuff! So I’m totally gonna try and convince mum and dad to take us!

    blue mountains jamaica  

    travel with sears cat says no What do you think TGs? Have you thought about anything cool you want to do in 2016? Tell me about it in the comments below!

    dirt devil upright  

    www zattevrienden be Can’t wait to hear from you all!

    glass heart pendant  

    gustav ii adolf Jessie x

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    by Jessie | Dec 02, 2015

    skye love show Hi guys!

    part time job vacancies  

    ticketmaster new york ny I came on to write this blog because I ABSOLUTELY had to tell you about this hilarious thing that happened to me today!

    les cahiers du football  

    telecharger les freres scott So, I'm walking home from school with Holly, and there was this super cute dog that was bounding toward us. I was so excited because I love dogs so much! Except he bounded straight past us and around the corner. I wanted to follow him, but Holly said we couldn't because Mum always says we have to walk the exact school path home and not go off anywhere otherwise she won't know where we are. But Holly said we could check just around the corner, like just look - and he was there! 

    carpenter joiner jobs  
    changing a tire Jessie's dog

    dress up style His head was shoved into this bush, and I thought he might be stuck, so I went over to try and pull him out. But I tried and he wouldn't budge! I got a bit worried, and Holly had a turn too and couldn't move him. We were just about to call Mum to see if she knew who we should speak to to come rescue him, when he just popped out on his own and started running little circles around our legs.

    tampa bay rays schedule  

    toni braxton live I had a look in the bush, and there was plenty of open space - and like, 40 tennis balls! Turns out he was hoarding the tennis balls, and when I went to try and "help" him out of the bushes, he was just digging his paws in coz he thought we were trying to steal all his toys!

    whatever it takes  

    nicholas sparks the notebook OMG, me and Holly laughed for so long I had to sit down on the pavement for a bit. It was so funny! 

    brincando de casinha  

    the shack william p young Have you ever had a funny story like that happen to you?

    adjectives that start with t  

    watch videos free Love Jessie

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  • yo yo ma

    by Jessie | Oct 23, 2015

    kingston memory card Hi TGs!

    lig tv tr  

    dremel multi tool So, I have a school disco next week and I don’t know what to wear! You know how sometimes you look in your wardrobe and there’s just TOO MANY COOL OUTFITS? That’s me right now!

    iam a barbie girl  

    butcher block tables Coz it’s my first school disco Mum said she’d take me shopping for a new dress. But I just know I have something perfect already, I’ve just got to dig around and find it. So I said it was OK, and I wanted to wear something I already have. Holly said when she can’t decide what to wear, she invites her friends over for a fashion show to pick what to wear. I thought that sounded soooo fun, so I rang Anissa and my other friend from school Catherine, coz they both love fashion. We turned it into a sleepover and they brought all their maybe outfits too!

    resume templates for mac cours de guitar Jessies blog disco

    metro paris plan I picked out my favourites and put them all on my bed ready to try on. I also got out my speakers to listen to some music while we did the fashion show, and Mum made us popcorn and milkshakes. I tried on like 40 outfits!! I didn’t even know I had that many clothes! I only kept ones in the maybe pile that both Catherine AND Anissa loved.

    roteiro do charme  

    mame for psp Anissa and Catherine ended up finding one outfit each -  but I’m now down to three dresses and one skirt and top! I have a sparkly gold dress, a pink polka dot dress that spins out when you twirl around,  and a green striped top and skirt that match.

    united states service  

    pioneer cd decks So I still need to choose! I thought maybe you guys could help me? Which outfit would you wear to the school disco? Let me know in the comments!

    marina inn san francisco  

    lg scoop phone Love Jessie

    picadas de motos
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    by Jessie | Sep 16, 2015

    birds eye maple Hi TGs!

    father of mine lyrics  

    vampire knight ending So I was reading Entertainment Writer Jess’s TG blog the other day (by the way – she’s my name twin!!) and I was so inspired by her Nickelodeon 100 Things To Do Before High School challenge to face her fears. I’m not scared of much, but one thing I am a bit frightened by are sea animals. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE SWIMMING! But I don’t really love swimming with fish, or – eep! – sea snakes!

    close grip bench  

    spyware removal tool One time, when my family went on holidays to the Great Barrier Reef, I saw a real live sea snake swim underneath me and I FREAKED OUT! I was so scared guys! Dad said as long as I didn’t bother it, it wouldn’t bother me, but from that day on I was kinda afraid to go snorkeling and stuff like that.

    milk and cereal  

    parral chihuahua mexico Anyway. I told Mum about the challenge and how I wanted to try something with sea animals, and she said how about we go up the coast on the weekend, and I can swim with a dolphin? Her and Dad wanted to do a family weekend away and she said it was a great chance for me to face that fear!

    jet set satellite  

    indian journal of microbiology So that’s what we did – me and Mum went on a special boat as part of a tour with some other people who also wanted to swim with dolphins, and our tour guide Joe taught us about the dolphins, and how when we got in the water we needed to make funny noises underneath to try and get their attention. He said we couldn't touch these dolphins, but at the end some dolphins like to come up closer to shore and those ones we could pat and get photos with.

    tips on getting pregnant  

    pa inmate locator When I got in the water I couldn’t even see the sand at the bottom! I had a special snorkel on, and I made all the noises Joe told us to make, little “eep” and “bleep” noises. Suddenly I had a bunch of dolphins swimming right underneath me! I could feel my heart pounding but after a bit I stopped being scared and could see how beautiful the dolphins were. It was AMAZING!

    slate floor tiles  

    mt washington observatory At the end I felt so confident, I even patted one of the shore dolphins, and Mum took a picture. She said she was so proud of me – I’m so glad I faced my fear! I’m gonna try snorkeling more now!

    poverty and crime  

    cnn tv online Til next time!

    yosemite national park camping Jessie

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    by Jessie | Aug 19, 2015

    mount mary college Hey TGs!

    shakira belly dance runescape magic guide
    OMG GUYS today was so good and filled with delicious food!!

    santa casa rj  
    tops estate agents So yesterday Mum told me that when I got home from school and finished all my homework she’d teach me how to bake! So I raced home from school and did all my homework coz I was so excited.

    star wars christmas special let me rihanna Jessie_B

    autozone las vegas Anyway when Mum got home from work she kept her promise and we made BROWNIES! Have you ever had a Brownie? It’s like a delicious, gooey, chocolatey little square of cake! WOW just thinking about it is making me hungry! I’m going to go eat one as soon as I finish talking to you guys! Hopefully Holly didn’t eat them all!

    clube do opala  

    minnesota science museum Ok so the one that Mum showed me how to make only had 6 ingredients in it and we already had them all in the fridge! Which was awesome coz then we didn’t need to go ALL the way to the supermarket. We used butter, cocoa, brown sugar, eggs, flour and chocolate chips.

    venta de cuero  

    tarifvertrag ig metall Holly came home from school and she helped Mum do lots of the things that are a bit tricky for me – like using the oven and the microwave. It was fun to hang out just us girls!

    xango mangosteen juice  

    mi pensamiento eres tu Anyway Mum turned the oven on for us and we covered the tin in paper to stop it getting stuck, it’s weird that this special paper makes it not stick, but so cool. We melted all the butter and cocoa in the microwave and then I added the brown sugar and I mixed it together. Then when I’d stirred it all up really good we added the eggs and flour and at the very end added the chocolate chips! We had to be really good and not eat them all before we mixed it together. It was SO HARD NOT TO EAT THEM! I just love chocolate a lot guys!

    child support louisiana  

    indian salwar kameez Holly put it in the oven and we put the timer on for 40 minutes! The best part was Holly let me lick the spoon and bowl all by myself – SO. MUCH. CHOCOLATE!

    woodbury new york hotels  

    how to compress video files I had such a nice time with my Mum and sister and then at the end we got to eat brownies before dinnertime. Mum said it was a special treat.

    secretaria de integracion social  

    out here in the fields What’s your favourite thing to eat? Do you know how to cook it? 

    fedor emelianenko video
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    by Jessie | Jun 18, 2015

    ninja turtles names Guys!

    pixies here comes your man  

    scienze della formazione firenze Guess what! It’s my sister's birthday next week and I cannot think of a present that's just super WOW. She’s turning 15 and really likes hair stuff, magazines, riding on her scooter and animals. I've had some cool ideas but I really need your help on this! I'm gonna write my three coolest ideas here, and then you can either choose one of them or tell me YOUR cool idea. Sound good? Here we go!

    radio hong kong star wars gif Jessie's Blog Total Girl Wildlife Park

    all star gymnastics nike basketball camp 1. A day at a wildlife park.
    text to speech free the hair cuttery
    Holly really loves all animals, but she SUPER LOVES baby animals. So I thought maybe I get her a pass to a local wildlife park where she can pat baby kangaroos and stuff
    videos de ingles .

    state library tasmania john cena vs the rock  
    rule the web lil phat take a puff 2. New scooter wheelsllamas de fuego
    sql server dba business games online
    international exchange rate I found these amazing ones that flash lights when they move, and I think she will think they are ADORBS. They’re a bit expensive but Mum said if I really want to get them for her she would pay the extra money.
    barbie b smart laptop
    love songs collection 3. A DIY hair kit
    fc manchester united
    I found this super cool DIY in one of my TG mags where you stick cute stuff to hair clips to make them really pretty and fun. I thought I could do heaps of these in different designs and put them in a pretty box labeled xbox resident evil “Holly’s Hair Things”.
    historia de terror patti smith music

    no circula sabatino

    better is one day  

    convert inches to feet So these are my ideas. I like them all but I almost like them TOO much and can't decide between them! Let me know in the comments which one is your fave, or if you have an even COOLER idea!

    mortal kombat games  

    i m reed fish Love Jessie x

    sacramento ca movers
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    by Jessie | May 26, 2015

    lolliepop lil wayne la torre di pisa Hi guys!

    right angle triangle

    terre de lumiere  

    paramore never let this go Brrrr how cold is it now! I finally packed away all my summer clothes and it made me so sad. No more swims at the beach! No taking Cotton for a run after school coz now it’s too dark!

    ice racer game  

    big bear camping But even though there are all these really sad things about winter, I still kinda love it. I mean I DON'T love being cold all the time. But how fun is it when Mum makes you hot chocolate, and you can lie on the couch all rugged up in a blanket watching Disney movies! That’s my favourite thing to do in winter. My kitten Chloe loves to jump on me and nuzzle herself into my neck too when I’m lying on the couch, which makes it even better.

    lilly was here
    aviation fuel prices Winter Adventures Jessie's Blog

    dual video cards Also, this year my Mum and Dad are taking Holly and me to the snow for a week! I've never been to the snow, can you believe it? Mum and Dad don’t really like it, they really love summer and all our holidays before have been to warm places like Fiji and Queensland. But this year Holly begged and begged to go to the snow, and they said yes! I’m really excited because Dad said they have tobogganing, and we get to go to this ski school where they teach you how to snowboard or ski, which sounds really cool. Mum told me we have to borrow all these special snow clothes, like puffy jackets and gloves – I’m gonna take so many funny pictures of me and Holly bundled up like snowmen!

    united reformed church  

    dead alive movie We can’t take Cotton and Chloe though, so they are going to a special animal holiday place. Dad showed us pics on the Internet – they get their own special bedrooms! And Cotton has this huge paddock to run around in, he’s gonna have so much fun, even though I’ll be really sad to not see him for a whole week.

    role playing ideas  

    rock harbor church toyota tacoma parts Have you guys ever been to the snow? What did you think? And what’s your favourite thing about winter? Let me know in the comments!

    windows security updates  

    the muffs music Love Jessie x

    shades state park
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    by Jessie | Mar 27, 2015

    chicago international film festival Hi TGs!

    watch the lion king online  

    bones of the arm I’m soooo excited for Easter! I loooove chocolate, OMG how good is it?! And it’s like the one day of the year that Mum and Dad let me eat as much chocolate as I want. I eat it for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. I end up feeling really sick but it’s totally worth it.

    csi new season  

    hair so real Every Easter morning, I wake up reeeally early coz I want to catch the Easter Bunny hiding my eggs. I’ve never seen him though! I thought I did once when I was with Holly, but she said it was just the wind blowing the jasmine bush and not a white tail bouncing away.

    marilyn monroe hairstyles  

    what is kernel The Easter egg hunt is my favourite. The Easter Bunny always finds funny new places to hide eggs! Last year we found one in the washing line peg basket, and one in this hanging pot plant. I don’t even know how he got up that high!

    sterowniki do usb tpm election central Jessie making Easter hats

    pretty in pink I also love the Easter Hat Parade my school does. Everyone has to make a cool hat that uses Easter eggs, and our parents come and we walk in a big circle in the playground to show off our cool designs. I’ve already started making mine with Mum, it’s going to have eggs dangling off ribbons all around the brim! It already looks so cool.

    linge des vosges  

    fort detrick md What do you love most about Easter? Do you do cool things for school too? Do you have a funny Easter egg hunt story? Let me know in the comments!

    saitek cyborg mouse  

    love spells that work Love, Jessie

    saint croix falls wi
  • terms and conditions of employment

    by Jessie | Feb 27, 2015

    xiii the conspiracy So we just had the BIGGEST storm where I live! It all started on Friday afternoon at school. These big grey clouds were rolling in, and our teacher let us go out and watch at first, but made us come back inside when they got close because she thought it was too dangerous, in case lightning started. Which it did! It was so bright it lit up the whole classroom, and my friend Colin said it must be really close above us, because the thunderclaps happened almost as soon as we saw the lightning. Mum came and picked me and Holly up after school, because it was so rainy. When we got home she had put Cotton in the laundry because he got really spooked by the loud noises, and Chloe our new kitten was in the lounge room so she didn’t get wet. She didn’t care about the thunder though; in fact we think she actually liked it! She stood at the window watching the rain and the lightning, haha!

    love is god tv online download Jessie's Blog Thunderstorm Activities
    dzien dobry polsko Sometimes me and my friends paint our nails during a storm too!

    Holly loves storms, but I am a bit scared of them. Not TOO scared, but when it’s really close like this storm was, the noise gives me a bit of a fright. Mum said we couldn’t have the TV on until the lightning stopped, because if the lightning hit any power grids in our area it could turn it off suddenly and it might be dangerous if the TV broke. So Holly and me pulled out Scrabble and played that, which was really fun actually because we hadn’t played board games in ages! We were having so much fun we also decided to do a puzzle – how fun are puzzles?! I totally forgot how great they are. Ours has a picture of a basket of cats, and one looked SO MUCH like Chloe! I brought Chloe over to show her, but she didn’t seem very interested, she just stepped all over the puzzle and then ran away to watch the storm again, haha.

    the of spring  

    minijuegos de accion bus stop lyrics Do you like storms like Holly? Or are you a bit scared like me. And what do you guys do for fun when you aren’t allowed the TV? Let me know in the comments!

    internet marketing consulting  

    project management certification Until next time,

    time in iceland  

    la procure paris Jessie x

    one t v
  • jimi hendrix experience

    by | Jan 30, 2015

    stephen king signed Hi TGs!

    turkey meatloaf recipes The coolest thing happened today! I was in class and my teacher Miss Daniels said she had an extra special day for us. She took us down to this huuuge tree we have in the school yard, and pointed up to the lowest branch. There was a bird's nest with three of the cutest, tiniest baby birds in it! We had to be really quiet and not get too close so we didn't disturb them. Miss Daniels brought her phone to take photos and said she could send them to our parents if we wanted one. She told us the baby birds were Starlings, and said they were really common in Australia. She told us the reason it’s important not to disturb their nest is because we could upset the babies or their mother when she returned. Then she explained how the mummy bird will go and find food, eat it, and then bring it back up to feed the babies – yuck!

    esther jerry hicks Jessie's Blog

    olive and ivy scottsdale It’s lucky they weren’t magpie babies, coz we got told in school assembly that we have to be careful when we walk around near the trees in summer, coz the magpies can get aggressive, especially if they have babies in the trees. Yikes! I asked Mum if she had ever seen a magpie get angry like that and she said when she was in school, they had to wear an empty ice cream bucket on her head with eyes drawn on the back if they went out of class to run errands, so the magpies didn't swoop the back of their heads! I laughed at this and she did too, it’s pretty silly sounding!

    pregnancy week to week Have you guys ever seen baby birds in their nest? What kind?

    social security online  

    nes emulator games Love, Jessie x

    test mail server
  • sites de tatuagens

    by Jessie | Oct 27, 2014

    michigan theater ann arbor So the girls and I had the best idea evaaaa! Remember how I cleaned up my room over the school break and organised my wardrobe to look like a rainbow? After that, I had a heap of odd clothes (that I just never wear or have grown out of) sitting in a box my mum labeled 'Throw Out'. When I told the girls at school that I still had the box - which I had actually shoved under my bed and hoped to forget about - we came up with so many great ideas! Catherine suggested that we take it to the local charity. Jane said that we could try and re-use some of the garments to make totes unique, second-hand outfits. I thought they were great ideas so I suggested we give them BOTH a try! 

    The girls came over to my house after school on Friday and we set to it! Catherine collected the clothes that would be perfect just as they were and would hopefully be loved by the next lucky wearer. Jane got to sorting through all the other bits and pieces that would be super cool with a little tweaking. She even brought some of her own left-over fabrics her mum saved after their dress-making sessions! It was the best Friday afternoon ever! We had a blast making awesome new outfits. It's amazing what a little imagination (and glitter) can do to an old pair of jeans! We could totes become fashion designers! LOL!

    Oh, and before I forget...
    Mum drove me to the charity the next morning and we gave them a huge bag of those extra clothes Catherine sorted out. They were so grateful and I felt like we had done a really great deed. Mum agreed and said that it's always the best feeling to help others in need! It was then that I resolved to find ways to do it more often. 

    What have you done to help others? I would love to get a couple ideas from fellow TG readers! Let me know in the comments below.

    Until next time!
    Jessie  xxx

    sound effects generator
    nba myspace layouts Jessie-and-friends-dress-up

    normal laboratory values
  • enclosed trailers for sale

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hi peeps,

    the vampire diaries Jessie-and-friends-reading-in-the-parkThanks so much for updating me on your holidays! You guys got up to so much fun - visits to the zoo, aquarium, Jenolan Caves, and even a huge family trip to China! WOW! 

    Okay, so school is back but I am totes not even sad. I think it's because of the Spring air making me super excited for the hot weather and all the days I can spend with my besties in the sunshine. Just the other day, it was such an amazing day, we all went down to the park. We didn't do much but sat and spoke for at least an hour! We told each other what we did over the hols and even giggled over Jo's totally embarrassing story - it involved a skirt and a very, very, very windy day! LOL 

    School's given us this OMTG book that we can't stop reading. At first we thought it was going to be a super boring novel that the teacher would make us read but this one is so good we can't get our noses out the spine! Haha! What are you reading? I'm sure I'll be finishing this story in no time and will be so keen to hear what you guys suggest I read next!

    Jessie xoxo
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    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hi gals!

    self esteem quotes malattie della pelle Jessie-and-her-besties-having-a-sleepoverOMTG it's officially the holidays. There is so much I want to do that the whole time this morning I was constantly running up and down totally undecided about where to start. So mum suggested that I start by making a list. I grabbed my super adorable pink pen with the fluffy ball on top and immediately started scribbling away. On the top of my list was to clean up my's such a mess! And then I got to writing down the best parts - swimming, sleepovers with my besties, watch the new Boxtrolls movie, and of course, grab the awesome new TG mag with 1D on the cover! 

    What have you guys got planned for school break? I wanna hear all about it!

    Jessie xx
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    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014

    office depot store hours Hi Total Girls,

    Thank you to everyone who sent me get well emails when I broke my leg! Luckily, it’s healed up really well and I don’t even have to wear my cast anymore! Having a broken leg gave me lots of time to spend with Holly; she’s such a nice sister. She made sure I didn’t feel left out because I couldn’t run around or go swimming. One day she had a cool idea for when my leg got better. It was to start a dog walking business for our neighbours who have dogs.

    fort walton beach florida What do you guys think? Have you ever has a cool job? Tell me about it in the comments below!

    Jessie x

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  • the punisher movie

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014

    how to make brass knuckles Hey TGs,

    corvette performance parts  

    mens puma shoes I just got told that my cast should be coming off in two weeks! I was so happy to hear it that I almost jumped out of the chair and started dancing in excitement…until I remembered that I couldn’t! LOL

    hawaiian english dictionary It’s such a weird feeling having this heavy thing on my leg. I’m super frustrated because it makes everything so much harder to do. And now it’s super itchy too! But I’m totes going to miss all the awesome messages my friends drew on my cast. I have to remember to ask mum to take a pic before it comes off.

    how to play tnt on guitar  

    navhind times goa And OMTG! How amazeballs is the new TG mag! It’s like TGHQ read my mind about the sports luxe fashion trend and knew these super cute outfits would work with my cast. Love it!

    swarovski heart pendant  

    trois couleurs rouge Until next time,

    simple minds glittering prize Jessie xx

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    how to uninstall norton PS. Just made space on my wall for The Collective poster!

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    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hey girls!

    Hope you're not too sad about going back to school! Although I was pretty miserable at times with my broken leg, winter holidays are definitely the best time to stay inside!

    Thanks for all your amazing advice. I watched loads of TV and drank hot chocolate, yum. 

    Georgia, I made a taste testing game by baking different flavours of cupcakes and muffins with Mum. Cass, Dora and Jane all came over, we put blindfolds on and then tasted slices of each flavour and had to guess!

    Even though I baked them, Jane guessed the most correctly, LOL. I should definitely pay more attention to what I'm doing.

    This week we went back to school. Mr James is the same as ever, and I'm really noticing how freezing the classrooms are first thing in the morning! My leg hurts the most then, except for when I bump it trying to get around school on crutches.

    People have been super helpful, but I still can't wait to get this cast off. I'll never, ever, ever forget to be grateful for how lucky I am to be happy and healthy again!

    Jessie xx

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