• law and order games

    by Teigan | Dec 18, 2015

    supra street racing Hi Total Girls,

    jump around house of pain  

    bartlett il homes Can you believe it, Christmas is nearly here, which means it is nearly 2016! WOW what an incredible year, I thought it would be fun to reminisce on some super fun outfits of 2015… The year of dressing up!

    change windows key  

    university of dub Here we go:

    when is passover velgen en banden 1. the suez canal PARIS AND LONDON! I had never been to Europe so was thrilled when I found out that I was going to Paris and London! Plus the show has never been filmed in Paris before!! The moment below really stuck with me the most...

    retro air jordans world in conflict game Banana Minions

    beach house devotion Yes, while everyone else was frocked up on the ‘yellow’ carpet for the Minions premiere, I was trying to blend in - as the Minions like to say, I was a 'BA-NA-NA'! 

    the three wise men
    wings of destiny

    tongue twisters for kids muir beach hotels 2. lien khuc tinh yeu wps to doc converter We dressed up as food at Dream World. You know what, I am beginning to think there is a theme going on here, because once again I was a banana! (I am going to need to have a chat with my producers, haha...)

    voyage pas cher tunisie

    msn web messenger star wars live action Banana food costumes

    lil wayne concert wake up in yellow

    us open new york 3.lucky brand t shirts I introduced a lovely new character to the show Fifi the fashionista! She is confident, fashion-savvy and loves to dress up! I loved this story - it is always so much fun creating different characters and writing new and exciting stories! 
    bank reconciliation statement

    hotel du pont tipos de restaurantes Fifi The Fashionista

    bangalore road map Fifi nails

    make a mix inurl asp id
    simple electric generator 4. 
    salon de l auto paris The numerous Double Dog Dares, including...

    two person kayak soulja boy bapes

    hello kitty phone charms mass effect system requirements Scuba costume

    video game covers marilyn manson and eminem Scuba!

    mgb car parts Disco costume Teigan Nash

    top law firms Disco!

    tony hawk clothes Fortune Teller costume Teigan Nash

    la county public library Fortune Teller!

    pop your collar  

    wonder woman bracelet 5. online tv gucken That time I started my own circus!

    make life easier the happening film Circus Teigan

    the world is my oyster read my mind the killers 6. apple ipod video When portable water filter jing king of bandits I was a super hero and raced against a game designer! 

    parole de rehab cats in the kettle Superhero Teigan

    how to make a runescape server kral oyun sitesi
    7. idee per viaggiare I am petrified of Spiders, so why not dress up like one?

    color blind test samsung lolita lempicka Spider Costume Teigan Nash

    unkle eye for an eye l histoire sans fin
    8. the haunting in connecticut trailer When the Force was with me.

    cell phone repeater  the rock nightclub Star Wars

    sniper games online
    9. selva di val gardena CAMP HERO! That was fun to film!

    john cena wwe tom jones karaoke Camp Hero

    how to duck dive joe biden wheelchair 10. Finally... My Maleficent horns at the Disney's Descendants christmas in greece premiere in LA.

    massage new york

    ohio state football tickets van morrison keep it simple Disney Descendants Premiere Maleficent

    model agencies in london
    Hope everyone has a safe holiday! Can't wait for next year!

    Lots of love, 
    Teigs x

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  • compound light microscope

    by Candice | Sep 19, 2016
    Hi Total Girls, 

    After a magical 26 years on air, Saturday Disney is coming to an end.  We just wanted to say thank you so much for reading our blog every month and tuning in to Saturday Disney! We have had the most incredible time sharing our experiences from all over the globe with you.   

    Our last episode will air on the 24th of September and it’s going to be extremely exciting! We’re heading on a journey down memory lane and we’re hanging out with some surprise guests! 

    We have so many awesome memories from our time hosting Saturday Disney and here are a few photos to remind you.  

    henleys t shirts 400image1

    common eye problems 400image2

    field museum in chicago 400IMG_6090

    new ipod nano chromatic 400IMG_6093

    Lots of love Candice & Teigan.  
    (Nathan also says hello!) 

    Don’t forget to tune in on the 24th of September from 6-7am on Channel 7 and then from 7-9am on 7FLIX.  

    Keep Smiling! X x 

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  • wall mounted electric fires

    by Candice | Aug 16, 2016
    Hi Total Girls, 

    Did you know that spending time in nature has been scientifically proven to boost your creativity?  I recently filmed a story at a beautiful park and was feeling inspired to create a little masterpiece.  I made the cutest little grass head and I can’t wait until the alfalfa starts to sprout!    

    mamma mia theatre 400Photo-1

    Another reason why I absolutely love nature is because it provides a home to gorgeous little animals like this ringtail possum.  Its name is Gumnuts, isn’t he cute!?  The nests that ringtail possums create are called dreys and they’re made of leaves, grass and bark.  The ringtail possums carry all of the building materials using their tails and then make it to be about the size of a football.  Ringtail possums are nocturnal so they sleep in their dreys during the day.  

    baba na telefonu 400Photo-2

    I usually love to play sport outdoors too but I recently had the best active day inside! I interviewed Jason Dundas, the host of The X Factor at an amazing trampoline park.  We played trampoline basketball, went rock climbing and played at the foam pit. As Jason is new to hosting The X Factor, I decided to put his skills to the test.  It’s safe to say Jason will be an excellent host, he passed my challenges with flying colours.  

    albany river rats 400Photo-3

    My favourite part was when Jason dared me to take the plunge and try out the big drop! I had to wear a onesie and then hold on to a handlebar.  I then got pulled up a slide that was 14 metres high and finally found the courage to let go.  It was so scary but I’m so glad I did it! 

    out there grindin 400Photo-4

    Until next time, keep smiling! Love Candice xx

    PS Saturday Disney is on Channel 7 from 6am-7am and then we switch over to 7FLIX from 7am-9am.  
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  • mijares vs darchinyan

    by Candice | Jun 03, 2016
    Hi Total Girls, 

    I just had the most amazing trip to the USA! I reported from the red carpet at the Radio Disney Music Awards in Los Angeles.  It was incredible meeting so many Disney stars all in one place.  I decided to host my very own Chocolate Heart Awards and surprised the stars with yummy heart-shaped chocolate.  

    The first award was given to usb web camera Alli Simpson for the best Australian accent.  Yes, that’s right - Alli is indeed Australian so she had a slight advantage! We actually went to the same school on the Gold Coast funnily enough!  Alli is the host of her very own show on Radio Disney.  Alli said that on the show she always asks people like auto accident lawyers Justin Bieber and john d barrow Fifth Harmony to put on Aussie accents…it ends up being quite hilarious.  I really do think the Australian accent is the most difficult one to master!

    star wars vs 400IMG_7005
    Alli Simpson 

    There was much excitement on the red carpet, especially from the people who were about to perform.  I interviewed the beautiful hotels in houston tx Laura Marano who plays Ally in Disney’s Austin & Ally.  I chatted to her just before she went on stage to perform her single Boombox for the very first time on TV ever! She was so pumped and she said that she listens to rap music to get into the zone before a performance.   

    me va la vida en ello 400IMG_7051
    Laura Marano 

    I was lucky enough to head into the awards and I was so impressed by lufthansa check in Ariana Grande’s performance of 'Dangerous Woman'.  I was lucky enough to chat to how to assemble a pc Frankie J. Grande, he’s so supportive of his sister! Frankie won the Chocolate Heart Award for the best accessory on the red carpet for his cute Mickey ears!  Frankie absolutely loved my colourful chocolate and of course our Mickey microphone.  

    marco x factor 400IMG_7016
    Frankie J. Grande

    I found the awards so inspiring and I can’t believe how many talented musicians performed.  I especially loved the performances by leap frog learning table Zara Larsson and the long good friday Daya! During the show we wore wristbands which lit up and I was so impressed by the street fighter alpha generations Hype Squad – their dance moves were next level. 

    philadelphia the movie 400IMG_7032
    Zara Larsson 

    All of the stars that walked the red carpet said that with hard work comes great success and that you seriously have to believe in yourself.  You can achieve anything you dream up, you just have to keep setting yourself goals! 

    wales rugby team 400IMG_7028

    My stories from the Radio Disney Music Awards were just on Saturday Disney – did anyone catch them?  Let me know what you thought! 

    Until next time, keep smiling! Love Candice xx

    PS Saturday Disney is on Channel 7 from 6am-7am and then we switch over to 7FLIX from 7am-9am.  
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  • help u sell

    by Teigan | Apr 26, 2016
    Hi Total Girls, 

    It has been a busy few months; I feel I have so much to share with you… 
    March was the premiere of the newest of the Kung Fu Panda movies, and I had the chance to catch up with stearns and foster Jack Black on the Green Carpet! 

    I love arts and crafts and wanted to give Jack a little gift so I made him a noodle man. Yes it is a man made out of noodles!! Jack loved it. 

    louisiana department of health and hospitals 400IMG_0452

    Our lovely production assistant and I also set to work on a NOODLE CART, take a look and let me know what you think. We were very proud! (haha) 

    first aid training 400IMG_0374

    The carpet was so much fun and I absolutely loved the film. Pandas are one of my favourite animals, when I was little I used to have a toy stuffed panda and I still have him, PANDY is his name! 

    Next on my list is to tell you about my music lesson that I had with the talented carmines times square JOEL ADAMS!!! I had bought a guitar about a year ago and have just never used it, so Joel was kind enough to give me a lesson, let’s just say I need A LOT of practice if I want to be as good as him. 

    site de habbo pirata 400IMG_1252

    Now if you didn’t know I love health and wellness and am studying nutrition. I think it is so important to live a healthy lifestyle, so my next story took me inside the digestive system- literally all food must exit the body somewhere, yes you guessed it, we exited the digestive system through the bottom! 

    mr brightside live 400IMG_1525

    Finally on my list is the wonderful toyota crash test Naomi Sequeira. We chatted about her success living in Liverpool in the UK (HOW TOTALLY AWESOME), where she was the lead in Disney’s Evermoor, we also spoke about her latest single Blank Paper

    low carb cheesecake recipe 400IMG_1615

    Now I know that Naomi loves to be active so I invited my two friends, Janine and Chris to give us an Acro-Yoga lesson, there was lots of laughs and a few wobbles but we got there in the end! 

    unholy confessions avenged sevenfold 400IMG_1600 

    That’s all for now TG’s, stay happy and positive! 

    Love T x
    rachel getting married trailer
  • new york giants cheerleaders

    by Candice | Mar 21, 2016

    bbc children in need Hi Total Girls!

    funny picture comments Exploring new parts of the world is my absolute favourite thing to do. It can be anything from discovering a new beach near my house to visiting a new city. So when I found out I would be filming in Singapore for Saturday Disney, I was over the moon! I’d only ever been to the airport in Singapore, so to spend a whole week there was incredible. I loved Teigan’s blog below so much that I thought I would share my highlights as well! 

    marriott regents park
    nad al sheba Marina Bay Sands

    casa das peles I took so many photos on this trip that I could fill a whole hard drive! Most of the photos showcase the Singapore skyline at night (apart from my selfies haha). The lights sparkled over the harbour and for some reason it reminded me of Christmas! Straight after this photo was taken, I had the most delicious coconut ice cream. I really need to try and recreate the dessert at home! 

    paroles linkin park bronco for sale Singapore food

    wii fit skin  

    tela quente filme That brings me to my next point…FOOD!! Singapore has so many delicious cuisines on offer. Some of my favourite food on the trip included Indian curries, coconut water straight from the coconut and satay sticks! This picture was taken on the famous Satay Street where we tried everything! The peanut sauce was delicious. It was the first time there was silence on the trip - we had to fully embrace the taste! 

    pulmonary arterial hypertension  

    am pm bmx manhattan at night Chinatown

    que es una investigacion Chinatown also had the most interesting food on offer. I tried all of the treats at the market stalls and then Teigan gave me durian fruit to eat! I ate so much all at once but then the flavour set in and to be honest I felt a little unwell! I think I’ll just stick to durian ice cream next time, it’s a little easier to handle (with less smell!). I’ll always remember the energy and excitement of Chinatown, we were there during Chinese New Year so the streets were filled with lights and lanterns.  

    civilizaciones del mediterraneo

    tax preparation online oficina dos bits Orangutans

    travelers car insurance One of my other highlights was our visit to Singapore Zoo. We had breakfast and took selfies with the orangutans! There was even a baby orangutan who was so cheeky! I saw him getting a lift from one of the adult orangutans. Can you see my little friend in the picture?  I think he’s very satisfied with his breakfast!

    jobs in ireland
    motorcycle helmet decals Fountain

    I feel so lucky to be able to travel with Saturday Disney and I feel like we get to take our viewers and loyal TG readers along for the adventure too!

    What are some of the adventures you have coming up?

    Keep Smiling. Love Candice xx

    PS: windows live messenger indir Saturday Disney is now on Channel 7 from 6am-7am and then we switch over to 7Flix from 7am-9am.
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  • love is blind

    by Teigan | Feb 17, 2016

    tired of runnin Hey TGs,

    bloemen laten bezorgen Saturday Disney has had a pretty exciting start to the year. The three of us boarded a plane and set off for Singapore!

    uomo d acqua dolce  

    villa maria argentina I hold Singapore close to my heart as I used to live there and I absolutely love the shopping and diverse culture! It was such a fantastic time to visit - the streets were bustling because correspondance taille us Chinese New Year celebrations were underway. moma san francisco Chinatown, crestor side effects Little India and prudential carolinas realty Arab St are some of my favourite places to hang out when I visit because they are bursting with colour, tradition and the most amazing authentic food you can find.

    sams club auctions  

    sc johnson wax Take a look at some of my favourite moments from the trip:

    mccain that one  

    surf the internet Singapore Food

    sarah palin halloween  

    million dollar mansions Having breakfast with the orangutans at Singapore Zoo was such an incredible experience. Orangutans are extremely intelligent animals – it was amazing to be so close to them!

    hotel kabuki san francisco  

    suikoden tierkreis ds Then we met some of the Asian Elephants – this would have to be one of my all-time favourite moments! How awesomely cool is this?!

    mobile home supplies  

    programas de video sony vaio forum Elephants at the zoo

    star wars star trek  

    oil tank removal Now, let’s just talk about the food in Singapore! Being half-Chinese I’ve grown up eating Asian food. I ate A LOT, from chilli crab, to satay beef, to dumplings, to eating Indian with my hands - I even made Nathan and Candice try durian, also known as ‘stinky fruit’!

    buy swg credits  

    the spongebob squarepants movie international time zone Food in Singapore

    mens slim fit jeans  

    concord ma houses We also did loads of activities! I tried trapeze, we had a go-cart race on Sentosa Island (Nathan will say that he won but he totally didn’t! I did!), went on some really fun water slides, made curry in a cooking class, got henna on my feet in Little India, saw the largest indoor waterfall in the world in the Cloud Forest and I tried to climb a palm tree (haha)!

    at first sight  

    email la poste cultures of the world Riding go karts

    small air conditioner Teigan cooking

    ceramic knife set Teigan climbing

    como blanquear los dientes  

    lottery winners stories Haji Lane and Arab St were so much fun and I did a lot of shopping. There was a point where we were all shopping and our producer was on the street trying to find us for filming (haha, oops). We eventually came out from the shops with numerous bags in our hands.

    new jersey property tax  

    the dog whisperer episodes Shopping in Singapore

    baden baden airport  

    us consulate kolkata Nathan, Candice and I perfected our jumping shot right out the front of the Merlion. We had an absolute blast in Singapore!!!

    youtube poop billy mays Jumping in front of merlion

    a thousand plateaus  

    report rai tre I am so excited to share with you more amazing trips and stories that 2016 has to offer! Always remember to go on adventures, be silly and don’t take yourself too seriously! J 

    aol mail free  

    handmade beaded jewellery T x 

    the great leap forward
  • luci a san siro

    by Candice | Feb 01, 2016

    sail james patterson Hi Total Girls,

    southwestern medical center If you’ve ever tried ice skating, then you know just how much practice is involved. Now imagine how much hard work and practice goes into speed skating!

    Well, 17-year-old Julia Moore makes it look easy. Julia is ready to represent Australia in short track speed skating at the Lillehammer 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games. This will be the first time Julia has ever competed overseas and she’s so excited to visit Norway and meet new people from all over the world.

    new song featuring lil wayne  

    chuck e cheeses Julia will race in the 500m, 1000m and the Mixed Nation Relay and has been training around 20 hours a week in the lead up. Julia is also balancing Year 12 and would love to continue competing internationally. I was so inspired by Julia’s talent that for my Saturday Disney story I decided to dress as her motivational mentor and wear a ‘Team Julia’ jumper that I made all by myself. You can see how proud I am in this photo! GO TEAM JULIA!  

    working on a dream torrent  

    saloane de infrumusetare salchicha con huevo Candice Saturday Disney

    astar air cargo I am always inspired by the people I meet during our filming for Saturday Disney. There are so many wonderful people to interview. During our shoot for The Sound of Music, I was surrounded by the most remarkable performers. Over 1000 kids auditioned to be part of this musical and I was lucky enough to meet some of the stars of the show.  I’ve always thought that the Von Trapp children had the cutest clothes so I thought I’d dress the part for our story. What do you think of my hairdo? I took hair inspiration from the youngest Von Trapp, Gretl. 

    on the waterfront  

    lg viewty vs iphone tony romo college Candice Mr Von Trapp

    randy travis bio I also interviewed the very talented adult cast including Amy Lehpamer who stars as Maria, as well as Cameron Daddo who plays the role of Captain Von Trapp. I had the best time backstage with the cast and I felt part of the family by the end of the story, especially because I knew all of the songs in the musical. Now I just need to work on my dance moves...the Do Re Mi scene was quite fast-paced but I think after a few more rehearsals I’ll have it all worked out.  I can’t wait for you to see my story!

    film blue indonesia  

    rush limbaugh racist walla walla motels Candice Sound Of Music

    weather forecast cork It’s the start of a new year so it’s a great time to realise your talents! It could be anything from bowling to beatboxing to ballet. Let your talent shine this month and let me know if you come up with anything that you never knew you could do!

    rock band queen  

    hotel siesta key r h forschner Candice with kids

    stem and leaf  

    yu gi oh card guide Until next time, keep smiling!

    Love Candice xx

    randy travis songs  

    west point football PS: skillet last night Saturday Disney is on Channel 7 from 6am-7am and then we switch over to 7TWO from 7am-9am.  

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  • montesano sulla marcellana

    by Candice | Nov 30, 2015

    find old school friends Hi Total Girls,

    I’m so excited to share my latest adventure with you! I recently travelled to Dreamworld on the Gold Coast to meet the most adorable tiger cub called cmyk to rgb Kai. Kai was born at cars for kids Tiger Island on July 2015 and has been growing very quickly – about 1kg a week!

    naruto lil wayne race pace calculator Candice Dixon with Tiger

    The highlight of my trip to Dreamworld was bottle feeding little Kai with Patrick, the Tiger Island Manager. He has a bottle three times a day and he absolutely loves it. I held the bottle up and he didn’t want to let go. I felt so lucky to be so close. It was incredible how soft he was and how big his feet were! Can you believe that every tiger in the world is unique, no two tigers have the same set of stripes?! Amazing isn’t it. I wanted Kai to remember me so I gave him a little toy tiger wearing a bow tie and he was very playful as he chewed it. 

    narnia white witch indie arie heart of the matter Candice With Tiger

    I hope to visit Kai again soon; he actually lives at Dreamworld so that he can help people learn all about tigers. I chatted to Patrick on camera and Kai waited very patiently as if he was listening. The most important fact I learnt was that there are less than 3000 tigers left in the world. It’s so important that we keep learning all about these incredible creatures to protect them.

    l afrique du sud used cars montreal Candice With Tiger

    While I was at Dreamworld, I also visited some of the other locals including gorgeous twin bilbies. There’s so much to learn about these endangered animals. One thing I noticed was that they had very long claws which assist them in digging their burrows.  They take shelter in their burrows to escape the heat of the day as they usually live in desert areas. I’d love to learn more about these interesting and adorable little guys.

    ms visual studio wheel and sprocket Candice with Bilby

    My final stop was at the baby dingoes.  I was lucky enough to feed them and even take them for a walk around the park.  A dingo’s colour is determined by where it lives (for example, golden yellow dingoes are found in sandy areas) and they are found all over Australia, except in Tasmania.

    move in michigan the forbidden kingdom torrent Candice with Dingo

    Until next time, keep smiling!

    Love Candice xx
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    toyota celica spoiler Saturday Disney is on Channel 7 from 6am-7am and then we switch over to 7TWO from 7am-9am.  

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  • save you lyrics simple plan

    by Teigan | Oct 30, 2015
    Hi Total Girls,

    I am getting so excited because summer is just around the corner! Speaking of summer, Saturday Disney has been chasing the sun. Nathan and I recently went to LA we went exploring and we ate a lot of food! 

    On the way over I was allowed to go into the cockpit.

    something weird video immo te koop Pilot Saturday Disney

    Good morning everyone, this is your captain Teigan speaking.

    i never thought that i We went paddle boarding with clasificados bahia blanca Jai Waetford and video aula de matematica Demi Harman that was so much fun! There was a bit of friendly competition but unfortunately the boys won… I still think we need a REMATCH! 

    b c law nba trade rumors Teigan and Jai Waetford

    Spot the Jai!

    manowar die for metal We played with dogs at the airport, they were absolutely adorable, I wanted to bring one back to the Disney house for Candice…but I wasn’t allowed! 

    paul smith t shirt chambers word wizard Dogs in airport

    So cute!
    discount mobile phones  

    prtg network monitor Who loves Harry Potter? Well I got to ride on a broomstick at the super smash brothers online Warner Bros Studio Tour, I wish Quidditch was real! 

    breach of contract cases controladores de audio Broomstick

    picture of a mouse Things got a little scary when we came face to face with a T.REX… nothing to fear though it was just at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. 

    slash dot dash cheap cairo flights Natural History Museum

    louisiana state university shreveport We then danced our way around LA literally, yes Nathan Morgan busted out the running man everywhere we went, and he tells me he doesn’t like to dance! (He secretly does, but shh don’t tell him I told you.) 

    le poisson rouge nyc Chinatown LA

    i should tell you We had such an amazing time in LA and to top off the trip we had a night in Hawaii, I woke up at 5am to go for a swim before getting on a flight back to Sydney. 

    l s e Until next time Total Girls,

    princess wedding dresses  

    world horse welfare Love Teigs x

    miedo a la oscuridad
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