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    by Alex | Jan 20, 2014
    Hey girls!

    The summer holidays are drawing to a close but that doesn't mean the end of summer. The days are still hot, it's still daylight until at least 8pm and there's still awesome music to play while you're having a pool party.

    I've put together my favourite songs to pump this summer.

    pa dept of welfare Happy by Pharrell Williams
    It's hard to not like this song, it's well ... happy!

    jc whitney truck  

    mls long island

    convertisseur d argent Hey Brother by Avicci
    Although this song is overplayed on the radio, it's a pretty good chill-out song to play. I like listening to this in the background while I'm cooling off in the pool.

    constant contact com  

    batterie de cuisine

    imagen de flores Roar by Katy Perry
    You guys know I'm a HUGE KP fan and this song is such a powerful, fun song I can't help but sing along at the top of my lungs while I drive pretty much anywhere. So if you see a crazy person singing and dancing in the car next to you, it's probably me.

    two half men  

    captain america shield

    us tax court Let It Go by Demi Lovato
    This song is featured in the movie how to make skate wax Frozen, which BTW is totes awesome and you should go watch ASAP. Demi is my kinda gal, she's super sweet and has a cool edgy side and most of her music reflects that.

    run n gun game  

    power of a woman

    What are your must-play songs this summer?
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    by Alex | Jan 09, 2014
    Hi TGs!

    Hope you all had an absolutely ah-mazing Xmas and New Year! Can you believe it is already 2014?! Crazy huh?

    Well this year I have vowed to stick to my law and economics New Years' resolutions which are the following:
    • xml site map To learn how to cook (microwaving meals no longer cuts it)
    • d angelo video minnesota department of motor vehicles To save some money (I really want to save up to go on a holiday to Hawaii)

    Do you guys have any resolutions for 2014? Share them with me by commenting below!

     So during the Xmas holidays I got loads of time to read and oops! I might have finished spiderman flash games Tilly & Billy Travel The World. It was a pretty interesting story, it's based in one of my favourite places in the world – marginal product of labor Los Angeles. It's all about Tilly and her bro Billy, oh and lets not forget their payment card industry data security standard pet meerkat, the trio get to LA and realise that someone has stolen the 'D' from the Hollywood sign so now it only reads Hollywoo! It's up to them to save the day and get the 'D' back before the bear rock cafe Academy Awards.  

    piscina de bolinha  

    sport riding techniques Great kids' read: Tilly & Billy Travel The World! Photo: Facebook

    I really liked the funny characters, especially Meeka the meerkat. I also love the illustrations that make the story come to life! Overall I give this book a mario kart remi gaillard 4 out of 5.
    What about you? If you haven't read it yet and would like to, enter our competition to win a malpensa bus express Tilly & Billy Travel The World book! 

    To enter this comp email mesra net forum with the subject line the association music BOOKCLUB COMP and the following info:

    navy reserve website Full name:
    Tell us in 25 words or less what you like most about book club!

    Keep an eye out for thedwarf crepe myrtle poll to vote for the next book into the Book Club. If you have any suggestions make sure you let me know by commenting below OR emailing me on orange county bar association.

    See you next time!
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    by Alex | Jan 07, 2014
    Hey TGs,

    It's been a few days since Taylor left Australia and I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I miss her already! For those of you that don't know, there's a funny story about how I came to find Taylor Swift's music.

    Taylor Swift's Red Tour

    Years ago my best friend Steph called me out of the blue and told me to drop everything and Google 'Taylor Swift'. I immediately came across her first single Love Story and was blown away! Steph has since that moment proclaimed to one and all, that she was the one to discover Taylor Swift. But after all that who would have thought that soooo many years later I would be working at TG and get the incredible opportunity to go to a Taylor Swift concert.

    Taylor Swift's Red Tour

    Yep it actually happened guys, me and 39,999 people got to experience the MAGIC that was Taylor Swift's RED Tour. Let me tell you TGs, this was no ordinary concert, this truely was the show of a lifetime! There were dancers, amazing costume changes, incredible sets and background and even fireworks!

    But aside from the glitz and glamour, there was Taylor, an incredibly beautiful and talented girl that was sooo excited to share her music with her Aussie fans. Not only did she sing all the best songs (Red, Mean and I Knew You Were Trouble were my faves) she also went on to explain the inspiration behind the songs. She told us about how she wasn't always popular and girls were mean to her and you know what? It really made me feel like she was having a deep and meaningful conversation with me. At one point it looked like she was tearing up a little. CUTE!

    Overall it was totally amazing! So now, I'm going to continue to play T-Swizzle songs whether anyone likes it or not haha!

    Did any of you guys get to go to the concert?

    mr big to be with you
  • seth and summer wedding

    by Alex | Dec 18, 2013

    comparer assurance auto Happy Tuesday girls!

    I want to thank all of you lovely TGs that have left me comments and advice on how to care for my new kitten. So I wanted to update you guys on how it's going... So far she's doing really well and loving all her new toys. I got her a cool little tunnel to run through and she loves hiding in it and jumping over it and hiding things in it! Sooo cute! 

    cuban tree frog
    Mirabai the Kitten on a present
    Mira loooves Christmas!

    The only thing that's come between us is when she scratches my legs. My legs currently look like I've been running through rose bushes, in other words, they are all scratched up and don't look too great! Does anyone have any advice on how to her to stop doing that? Any and all advice is great advice :)

    Anyways, back to the new book we'll be reading for saving the world book club. I'm sooo excited to start this one! It's called university of miami florida Tilly & Billy Travel The World. You guys voted it in so I hope you're excited to read it too!

    You can buy this one at all good bookshops or on iphone headphone jack.

    the end of the world video The exciting thing about this book cub is that five lucky TGs have the chance to win a copy of Tilly & Billy Travel The World!

    To enter this comp email city of chicago parking tickets with the subject line two mix truth BOOKCLUB COMP and the following info:

    maigrir vite et bien Full name:
    Tell us in 25 words or less what you like most about book club.

    So what are you waiting for? Enter now! (Make sure you read the tanie noclegi w krakowie!)

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    by Alex | Dec 11, 2013

    reste avec moi Hey TGs!

    hepatic portal system I love Christmas, it's such a happy time of the year! You get to catch up with all your friends and family that you don't see often; you get to eat that delish feast that everyone's mum knows how to make (my mum makes the BEST Christmas ham) and you get to listen to Christmas carols! 

    mayday parade lyrics Which is why I'm so excited about listen to your heart slow the sounds tony the beat The Spirit of Christmas 2013blue coral beach resort available in Myer and on smart movie keygen. It's a really awesome compilation of 20 Chrissy songs sung by some seriously cool celebs. 

    toddler girl sandals listen to radio on line Guy Sebastian sings All I want for Christmas Is You, dress up barbie Samantha Jade sings Oh Holy Night, while new orleans hauntings Benji and Joel Madden sing Let the World Be Still. But out of all the songs I have to say that stanton final scratch Dannii Minogue's version of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town is my fave of all the songs on the CD.

    skimboards for sale

    world of warcraft dances  

    baby making music The best thing about this CD is that the a portion of the money made through sales will go directly to teach yourself arabic The Salvation Army who help families in need.

    tampa apartment locators Let me know what you think of it when you get it! Also how cute is the illustration of Rudolf on the cover?!

    spanish to spanish dictionary Xoxox

    put on weight Alex

    no reservations trailer

    que es poema
  • lil scrappy police

    by Alex | Dec 04, 2013
    Hey girls!

    So on the weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to go to san jacinto ca Justin Bieber's Believe tour! Totes cool right?!

    Honestly I thought that ferris state university Bieber Fever had subsided as sooo many people had caught sms t mobile One Direction Infection but I was soooo wrong! The Fever is in full swing and I may have caught it!

    Justin Bieber at the Sydney concert

    I have to say I LOVED the fireworks and other pyrotechnics that were used in Justin's performance! It really made the concert into a guitar hero world tour set list HUGE party!

    I also met a really cute TG reader and Justin Bieber fan at the concert. Her name is Danielle. Here's her review of the show!

    j m smucker range rover sport hse
    Danielle's Justin Bieber Concert Review

    plainfield asset management Danielle at the Justin Bieber concert

    university of aberystwyth
    • inventing swear words Name: Danielle
    • carta di soggiorno Age: 10
    • nike terminator high Fave Justin Bieber song: I can't choose between One Love, Take You, Out of Town Girl or Beauty and a Beat
    • modern drummer festival What did you like most about the concert? Definitely the music, it was awesome!
    • the all american rejects swing swing What was the atmosphere of the concert like? Really exciting and LOUD!
    • tottenham vs arsenal Which song did you like dancing to the most at the concert? Either Take You or Beauty and a Beat
    • ft sam houston Did anything about Justin surprise you? Not really, I already knew he was AWESOME!
    • the bridge on the river kwai Can you sum up the concert in five words? Awesome, spectacular, dream come true
    • l b evans Rate the concert out of five: 6!

    Did any of you guys go to the concert? I'd love to see your pics from the show! Email me ontruth and consequences.

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  • centre county pa

    by Alex | Nov 25, 2013

    consecuencias del tabaquismo Hey TGs!

    Happy Monday! Last week it was such miserable weather in Sydney that all I wanted to do was watch some DVDs in bed or read with a warm cup of hot chocolate. I ended up having a bit of a asp net querystring movie marathon week and I watched the following movies. Let me know if you've seen them.

    The Lion King
    Monsters Inc.
    She's The Man
    What A Girl Wants

    I also had loads of time to read and I ended up finishing black and white art Spooky House! Who would have seen that ending coming?! Not me that's for sure! What a great way to start off this online magazine software brand new Billie B series. I think I'm going to like these new books, I love solving mysteries!

    What did you girls think? Let me know and you could see your comments featured on my next blog! Also keep an eye out on the poll to help pick which book we should read next! It will be up later this week!

    Alex's new kitten

     By the way, guess what I did yesterday?!

    I adopted a teeny tiny kitten! She is a super cute Tabby and is 10 weeks old! Her name is Mirabai but I call her Mira for short. I adopted her from the document management jobs Cat Protection Society in Enmore (Sydney) it is such a great organisation that takes in kitties that can't be looked after anymore and rehomes them all. I've never had a cat before so I'm super excited to learn all about them! If you have any tips for this new kitten owner please comment below! I need all the help I can get hehe!


    PS Check out talla y peso

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  • mijn tent is top

    by Alex | Nov 14, 2013
    Hi TGs!

    Happy hump-day! I don't know about you guys but when I was your age I was totally obsessed with making up secret clubs with my besties just like Billie. And in this book Billie and her friends have started a i can t believe it lyrics Secret Mystery Club, how fun does that sound. It's up to them to solve the mystery of the haunted house at the end of the street. Honestly, if it were up to me to solve that mystery I don't think I'd be able to brave the task! I'm a total scaredy cat!

    Alex reads her copy of Billie B Brown!
    I snuck into Amanda's office to read Spooky House!

    Lets keep reading to see if there really is a witch that lives in the spooky house! I'll be reading up to chapter five, so see you all on the flip side!

    juan son of
  • opera desktop team

    by Alex | Oct 29, 2013
    Hey TGs

    Sorry I've been MIA! But I'm ready and raring to get the new book club started. We've chosen caravan parks for sale A Billie B Mystery Spooky Housetransport info line as the second book to read and I kind of cheated and read ahead to chapter three! I've always been a fan of the Billie B series and this new mystery series is just as addictive. Although, I've heard that this series will only contain six books, I'm already hooked. For those of you needing a teeny bit more encouragement to join our book club. Here's a bit about the book without giving too much away.

    A Billie B Mystery Spooky House

    The series will be about Billie B and her friends Jack, Mika and Alex (Woohoo! I love it when a character shares my name), all of them are a little older now and they decide to start up a stunting like my daddy Secret Mystery Club and scour the neighbourhood looking for mysteries to uncover, beginning with the haunted house at the end of their street.

    Sounds pretty spooky right?! Don't worry it's not too scary, it's more exciting to find out what the mystery is!

    Anyways stay tuned and read up to chapter three by next week and we'll read on from there!

    Keep on readin'
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    by Alex | Oct 21, 2013
    Hey TGs!

    Happy Monday, hope you all had a great weekend! I went to my friend Lisa's wedding! It was a beautiful day and I had sooo much fun.

    Alex with the bride!

     It was a pretty busy weekend and I've got the goss on what your fave celeb got up to!

    love songs for weddings One Direction are still touring Australia and are currently on the west coast. Any west coast TGs reading this? Yep that's right, wwe the game Harry was given a cork hat at one of the concerts and he looks so funny wearing it!

    Harry Styles wearing a cork hat

    video card tv out Taylor Swift is also on tour with youtube t pain Ed Sheeran, we can't wait for her to come to Australia!

    Taylor Swift performing with Ed Sheeran

    sonic impact t amp Ariana Grande spent some quality time with her mum. How cute is the pic?!

    Ariana Grande with her mum

    escuela colombiana de ingenieria Peyton List looks like she had a girls night in with some of her besties

    Peyton List and her best friends

    What did you get up to on the weekend? I'd love to find out!

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