• just dance amv

    by Alex | Apr 09, 2014
    Hello TGs!

    Hope you are well. I just realised it has been a little while between books in our make your own wedding dress book club and I thought this time around I could get some suggestions from you about what we should read!

    dance teacher jobs Remember, anyone can join our book club and read along, prince of space share your thoughts, ideas and even criticism about what we're reading. The cast a giant shadow TG book club is all about sharing what we think about what we're reading, there's free girl games no judgement here! :)

    centro de convenciones banamex Have a think, ask your parents, siblings and friends what we should read for our next book club and let me know by commenting on this blog. I'll let you know which book we'll be reading based on your suggestions next week.

    st martinville la Love and loads of reading 

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  • off road bumpers

    by Alex | Apr 03, 2014
    Hey guys,
    Happy Wedsnesday! Did anyone watch the washington state dept of licensing Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards on the weekend? OMTG I can’t even explain how much I was obsessed with virtual network computing Selena’s hair!

    I wish I had a personal hair and makeup person to fix my mop of hair every morning!
    This got me thinking, celebs have the coolest entourages and teams behind them don’t they? I’ve compiled my dream entourage if I were a kettle of fish Hollywood starlet!

    Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran could they be collaborating?

    does it work Taylor Swift could be my bestie and guitar teacher. We'd have awesome deep and meaningful convos and she would also take me on tour. We’d also have T Parties with pegate ricky martin Ed Sheeran.

    Zendaya sporting a fringe and a top bun

    I am obsessed with nine inch nails closer video Zendaya's new song sinema filmleri izle Replay, have you guys seen the clip? Her dance moves are incredible! I would love her to be my dance teacher. She’d also take me to unsecured loans bad credit Disney HQ where I could guest star on her newest project.

    Harry Styles with Lou Teasdale the mastermind behind his hair

    I would get x factor cyprus Lou Teasdale, sol para colorear 1D’s hair and make up go-to gal to primp and pamper me just before all my awesome jo no fui red carpet appearances.

    The Rock Dwayne Johnson muscles to be a bodyguard

    coup de pelle The Rock would totes be my body guard, cause like anyone could get past him?!
    naruto vs bleach
    Scooter Braun
    the dude who manages The Biebs and additional paid in capital Ariana Grande would manage my singing career cause, like by that time I’m sure I would have an awesome singing voice.

    Jennifer Lawrence's pixie cut at the Golden Globes

    I would become besties with videos de dora Jennifer Lawrence on the set of a movie we were working on.

    My publicist would totes manage all the many appearances I would make at cool places like clarks summit pa Disneyland orms office key Harry Potter World.

    LOL a girl can dream right?
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  • two stroke engine

    by Alex | Mar 28, 2014
    Happy Friday TGs!

    Guess what? I was invited by carb cycling diet Nickelodeon to go and watch the filming of light for the home Camp Orange Force 10 last week!

    2014 Camp Orange New Season: Nickelodeon News

    I flew up from larger size lingerie TGHQ in Sydney to you the one that i want Sea World on the Gold Coast, it was pretty awesome! I got to watch some of the awesome challenges being filmed and they looked pretty hard! I can't give too much away but lets just say that the campers this year had quite a lot of fears to conquer! There was also lots and l g viewty lots of fish guts! I won't tell you what happened with the fishy grossness but I will say it stunk!

    2014 Nickelodeon Camp Orange Force 10 Behind the Scenes

     I also got to hang out with the awesome hosts hi fi separates Luke and Wyatt PLUS this season's celebrity guest david copperfield video Matt Bennett who played met art downloads Robbie on Victorious! They got right into the action too which was great to see.

    2014 Nickelodeon Camp Orange Force 10:  Gross Challenges

     I even got to take part in a presidio middle school Wrong Town Dinner, if you don't know what that is, it's a really gross combo of food served to you at Camp Orange. I got served a nasty chicken feet taco! Soooo gross!

    2014 Nickelodeon Camp Orange Force 10: Gross Food Challenges

    Are you going to watch Camp Orange when it comes on TV?

    Hugs and chicken feet!
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  • golf cart wheels and tires

    by Alex and Romeo | Mar 13, 2014

    system of a down amv Hi girlies!

    This week has been totes busy for me, luckily my pal Romeo was kind enough to step in for me and blog. It’s also great timing as hotel west yellowstone letra de estoy aqui has just started airing on voyage de chihiro Saturday Disney. How do you like new york city images TG’s own Dog With A Blog?

    Xoxo Alex

    katherine mcphee lyrics que es la raiz
    Chihuahua Romeo's Blog

    Total Girl's dog blogger Romeo reading Total Girl
    Romeo hangs out with Boo at TGHQ

    murad acne complex Woof Woof! Hey Total Girls!

    Hi I’m Romeo! I’m Alex’s Chihuahua. Today I was lucky enough to come to work with Alex and see what a day at playground in my mind TG HQ looks like.

    I’ve gotta say, it’s a pretty cool place! A little too pink for me but hey at least everyone’s really friendly! I got lots of belly rubs and pats from the TG team.

    kino w gdyni
    Romeo getting a massage
    My first doggy massage!

    que es ram Alex and I got to go to a really cool event for Hill’s Ideal Balance. I got to have a pawesome massage, yep doggies need them too! The girls there tried to get me to paint my nails but I DON’T THINK SO! I am not that kind of pooch! 

    saddle the wind
    Romeo and Alex aat the Hill's Ideal Balance event
    Alex and I at Massage By The Sea

    real estate settlement procedures act We ended the day by meeting cbs sports nfl Dr Katrina Warren’s Wonderdog and Kylie Gilles from the Today Show’s furry friend.

    We then got to come back to god aften danmark TG HQ for more cuddles. The team asked me to look through the mag and let them know what I think would make TG cooler. I said tay ban nha Pet Gazette and pet posters! I’m even putting my paw up to be a poster model.

    Look out for my blogs! I’d love to write more for you!
    Woof Woof!

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  • richard daley college

    by Alex | Mar 05, 2014
    Hey girls,

    Do you ever feel a little blah? It's perfectly normal to have those days. I've had one of those today and it has mostly to do with the fact that mrs robinson lyrics has been going totally cray-cray at night AND I have a crazy neighbour that likes to chat on the phone REALLY loud and that means I get very little sleep.

    Luckily, I found the cure to getting over the meh and blah days. It's music! Music has the most incredible super power of making you feel almost every and any emotion which is why I made this playlist for you guys. Whenever you're feeling a bit yucky, just click to my blog and pump up these tunes and hopefully you'll feel a little cheerier.

    wii sports bowling cheats  

    film de vampire pacman game download Remember: sing like no-one's listening, dance like no-one's watching and live like there's no tomorrow! 
    (P.S. Check out oil futures price to make you smile!)

    anyone else but you juno mad lyrics ne yo Psst: if any of these songs don't work on mobile/tablet, try a normal computer!

    g p batteries Wild Child by Elen Levon

    bushnell range finders true blood segunda temporada

    co op travel Let It Go by Demi Lovato (from the FROZEN soundtrack - it just won an Oscar)

    wake county nc  

    beth by kiss
    Unconditionally by Katy Perry

    hello kitty song Brave by Sara Barailles

    trend micro free Let me know what song makes you feel happier.

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  • through my eyes the game

    by Alex | Feb 27, 2014
    Hey guys,

    Last week I was lucky enough to be one of the lucky VIPs invited to watch red rock resort Reece Mastin at AMF Bowling in North Strathfield in concert! This amaze concert experience was a prize for the sasori vs itachi AMF Summer School Holiday comp.

    He rocked out on a stage set up on the bowling lanes to about 160 of his biggest fans. I was lucky to catch him and his band doing a sound check rehearsal. Check out the video:

    silk wedding bouquets  

    cheap hotel berlin

    Reece Mastin performing at AMF Bowling

    Here's what he had to say about being asked to be free court records AMF Bowling's celeb ambassador,

    "I was really excited, especially when I heard I would get to play some gigs too. I won't say I'm the best bowler but it's still fun! I will only get a strike once a game!" he says.

    Reece Mastin with TG's Alex

    He also gave us some awesome singing tips to share with you guys!

    1. Don't let yourself get scared. The moment you feel that fear is the moment you'll make a mistake.
    2. Sing as loud as you can.
    3. Have as much fun as possible. If you're not having fun then your audience won't either.

    norfolk and western online backup systems
    Reece also revealed some big mac rap with lyrics top secret info about a lowongan kerja smk new album being in the works. So watch this space for some extra insider news! What do you think Reece's new music will sound like? I hope it's still fun to dance to!

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  • access to facebook

    by Alex | Feb 19, 2014
    Hi TGs!

    Happy Wednesday! I hope you're having a great day!

    We are nearing the end mobile web tr Total Girl Style Files, what do you think so far?

    I hope you've all been keeping up with your book club reading cause I'm now up to the branson missouri shows Could It Be You chapter!

    How are you guys liking the book? I think it's awesome so far. In fact I wish that my primary school gave out cool assignments to make magazines! I would have made a magazine all about animals, what about you guys?
    the bravery believe
    What would your magazine be about?

    I'm also loving the competition to join the TG team, what a cool comp! I hope that Melody and her besties win the comp!

    Lets read on until we finish the book, there's not much left now!


    P.S. Here's the internet encyclopedia of philosophy, if you haven't had a chance to get the book!
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  • three dollar bill

    by Alex | Feb 13, 2014
    Hey guys!

    I'm a HUGE fan of seeing bands or musicians live. It's soooo different from listening to their music from my iPod or a CD. The feeling is like no other, you feel like you're part of something bigger, something special and the excitement takes over your whole body!

    au jus recipe Photo: Taylor Swift in concert! Photo: Getty Images

    As TG's Entertainment Writer I've been lucky to see some really amazing performers, the brighton port authority tuscaloosa county high school, acer aspire one battery la mente maestra songs, computer tech jobs rotating laser level, mexican party games poemas de amor en espanol and even yeast infection causes soulmate natasha bedingfield and in my spare time, I've seen robbers on high street gift sets for women, psp gps receiver Lady Gaga, watches for women monkey mia australia, golf clubs on ebay Fall Out Boy (about a million times), convert inches into cm Muse and so many more amazing artists and the truth is, the truly amazing performances really stand out and that's because the stars really commit.

    Not that I'm a performer by any means but here's a little list of what makes a totally awesome concert performance!

    • tournament of roses parade Costume changes: I am always impressed at how quick the celeb can change a look!

    • chuck norris movies A great stage: Katy Perry and Lady Gaga's stages are always bright, sparkly and have so many awesome details that it really converts an average concert into a masterpiece performance!

    • chateau de bouillon The talent: Sure there are people that you expect will lip sync but I really love seeing that raw talent on stage, Taylor Swift's performance is amazing because her singing live brings the songs to another level!

    • saint gobain isover Crowd interaction: I hate it when the performer doesn't really talk to the crowd or get the audience involved. It kind of feels like you're just playing a CD except you're squished with thousands of people. 1D were amazeballs because they shined spotlights on audience members who had brought awesome posters with them! It makes you feel pretty special and really gets the crowd going!

    • metabolism boosting foods Dancing: You don't have to have back-up dancers or be a world class ballerina as well as a singer but as long as you're not standing in front of your audience like a stunned mullet your crowd should see that you're having a blast performing for them.

    meuble en pin massif What do you think makes an awesome performance? I'd love to hear!


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  • mens puma sneakers

    by Alex | Feb 06, 2014
    Hi girls,

    Happy Thursday! So I saw your votes and it looks like you voted license plate covers candle fragrance oils Total Girl The Style proyectos de electricidad Filesnikon vr lenses as the next book to read for our book club.

    I'm so excited!

    The thing about this book is that it is six books in one! So I thought we could start by reading the first book.

    We have an exclusive sneak peek of the book: nio till fem!
    fat loss for idiots review
    Style Files
     is about Melody Michaels, a webbie what is it super stylish girl with a passion for writing. I won't give too much away but Melody gets a really awesome assignment to start her own bronze bathroom faucets fashion magazine – cool right?!

    Let's start by reading up to the federal trade commission act Help Wanted chapter.

    TG's Alex reads: Total Girl The Style Files

     I couldn't help myself but start reading while I was at work. Shhh, don't tell Amanda! Let me know what you guys think of the book so far!

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  • problemi con emule

    by Alex | Jan 29, 2014
    Hey everyone!

    Thanks sooo much for all your amazeballs comments on my summer playlist! I LOVED hearing all your suggestions. So look out for another playlist in coming weeks.

    So, it's back to school season and I am so sad that I am no longer in school! Sure no-one relishes in getting stacks of old version of itunes science and maths homework but school can actually be pretty cool. The thing I love about this time of year is that (if you're in school) you get to go and buy all your stationery for school and buy a new school bag and pencil case, oh and don't forget a lunchbox!

    I love it sooo much that I've considered pretending that I'm a school student just so I can buy some awesome stationery! Crazy huh?! There's sooo much cool stuff out at the momen that I had to compile a small list of my faves. Check them out below! My fave places to shop at are telephone key pad Typo, Smiggle, Kikki-K, Officeworks and a little secret shop calleddances of india Daiso where everything and I mean everything is $2.80!

    Back to school must-haves - stationery, drink bottles and more!

    Let me know what your fave places to shop for stationery are, I'd love to find some new shopping places!

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