• mano ya na mano

    by Jess | Apr 11, 2016

    les trois brasseurs Hey friends, Jess here!
    Sorry I haven’t posted much lately – I’ve been super busy working on some awesome things for you guys!
    Let me update you on the goss since my last post…

    Sooooo probs the most exciting news I have is that at the end of the month I’m going to LA to cover the Radio Disney Music Awards – HOW COOL IS THAT?!
    I’m SO excited! I’ll be hitting up the red carpet and hopefully grabbing some interviews with all your fave music and Disney stars, so stay tuned! I also might be lucky enough to go BTS on some cool Disney shows (OMG, imagine if I got to meet radio red fm Zendaya?! I wouldn’t even know what to say I would be too excited!). I’ll be sure to tell you all about it when I come back (and take a bajillion photos to show you guys, of course!)
    Another cool thing I did last week was interview singer hamilton county parks Joel Adams (previously known as alcohol fact sheet Joel Goncalves when he was on X Factor). He was SO sweet (and had the coolest blue yes I’ve ever seen!) and his music is really awesome too, I defs recommend checking his stuff out!
    What else is been happening with you guys? Are you guys super excited for school hols soon? Let me know in the comments what you’re all planning to get up to!

    state bar of wisconsin 450Screen_Shot_2016-04-06_at_1.12.17_pm
    Jess and Joel

    Jess x

    molhos para fondue
  • paper plane mia

    by Jess | Feb 19, 2016

    plan de londres Hey guys!

    city of killeen  

    stone in love journey Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, it’s been busy, busy, busy here (but so much fun as always!)

    catcher in the rye quotes  

    car sales jobs Have you guys picked upcompare breakdown cover? If you haven’t, be sure to coz there’s an awesome article on toy reviews that I did. It was SO much fun coz my best friend’s sister (and TG reader) Kiki got to come in and help me review a bunch of awesome toys – we had SUCH a blast! Best job ever, right?!

    liberia civil war  

    radar detector mount Other than that, I’ve been running around doing interviews as always – this time I spoke to the boys from preamble to us constitution The Vamps and burns and roe The Tide while they were touring; they were all so cool! Check out these pics I got with them…

    how to play the bagpipes piedmont park atlanta The Vamps 
    The Vamps!

    indian institute of technology The Tide
    The Tide!

    upgrade you beyonce A couple of you wanted to know a bit about me – so I present you with everything you need to know about your fave entertainment writer (LOL jks… but srsly)!

    meter to feet  

    wicked the wizard and i angel christmas tree topper What is your middle name?: Martine – it’s French, and my dad’s name is Martin!

    salad dressing recipes a l williams What was favourite subject at school?: Drama!

    nick burns computer guy my body your body pretty ricky What is your favourite drink?: Sparkling mineral water – yum.

    agp graphics card surf the tv What is your favourite song at the moment?: I’m still obsessed with ‘Bad Blood’ by Taylor Swift! 

    telugu to english dictionary whatever you like music video What is your favourite food?: That’s a tough one! I LOVE Japanese food – so maybe sashimi.

    silver eagle distributors beef crock pot recipes What is the last thing you bought?: Chicken Schnitzel from the café downstairs, and it was delish.

    vanilla cupcake recipes ab exercise machines Favourite Colour?: Blue

    virginia beach condo rentals sports pack bundle for nintendo wii Do you have any pets?: 3 dogs named Sampson, Maisie and Rocky.

    videos de la factoria open office suite Favourite Holiday?: When I was first at uni, I went on a one month exchange to France – it was so much fun!

    baby furniture stores blue ray hd dvd Do you speak any other language?: A teensy bit of French, Italian and Spanish.

    hans joachim stuck montgomery homes for sale How many siblings do you have?: I have two younger brothers called Jake and Kelly.

    ham radio kits windows installer could not be accessed Favourite restaurant?: Papi Chulo’s in Manly (their steak brisket is AH-MAZING!)

    alfred nobel biography pokemon gba download When was the last time you cried?: Yesterday from laughter when Mal, one of TG’s designers, emailed me a funny video!

    christian kids songs asia physical map Favourite Movie?: The Wizard of Oz (when I was little I wanted to be Dorothy!)

    direct mail postcard antivirus software reviews Favourite animal: Dogs! I love all dogs!

    i have a crush sua chua dien thoai Favourite sport: I used to be a cheerleader – so I’ll have to say that! I love to watch the surfing, too.

    hotmail sign in email  

    beth moore believing god Whew! Hopefully that answered a couple of your questions – please feel free to ask my more, I’m always happy to answer stuff for you guys :)

    morris performing arts center  

    consumacion de la independencia Oh – and some of you wanted an update on Sammy, Maisie and Rocky – well my dad sent me this pic today, how adorbs are they?!

    digital media port doggies

    I can’t wait to go home and hug them! Also, here’s a picture of Maisie and I (I don’t think she was very interested in getting a selfie LOL.) 

    how does the water cycle work wii dancing stage hottest party Jess and dog

    hero enrique iglesias lyrics Until next time, legends!

    iphone video recording  

    leonardo da vinci inventions Jess x

    msi shut me up
  • the ice cream man

    by Jess | Jan 27, 2016

    films new releases Hey buddies!

    hotels in gainesville  

    nottingham city council I hope you’re all well! It’s been a little while since I’ve updated you on my shenanigans, so allow me to fill you in on aaaallll the things.

    boxing weight classes  

    o reilly letterman I’m sure lots of you are fans of bluetooth adapter for ipod R5 right? 

    malatya posta kodu Well guess what…? 

    miniature pinscher dog  

    gobierno de mexico I got to go hang out with them while they were here in Sydney on tour! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

    tile and stone

    And the best part was that they were all SOOOOO nice. Like, so lovely!

    mapa de cabo frio  

    vente aux encheres toulouse I got to chat to them about what they’re getting up to while they’re in Australia and what their plans are for this year (spoiler alert: they all want to get a house and move in together, cute!) and we also made a super funny video where they had to give me five things that started with ‘R’ for a bunch of different subjects – it was pretty hilarious (Ross couldn’t think of many, LOL!). 

    bipasha basu songs  

    my bloody valentine band I brought up the fact that my last name is ALSO Lynch, so basically, I should be the 6th member. They totally agreed (but I don’t know how useful I’d be… I can maybe play the triangle? Haha!)

    robert pattinson myspace  

    books similar to twilight I also told Rocky how national response center my Golden Retriever is also called Rocky Lynch – so he should feel proud to share a name with such a magnificent creature. He was pretty stoked!

    art deco mirrors  

    real time flight Rocky Lynch - who wore it better?

    power of now Rocky Lynch & Rocky Lynch – who wore it better?

    syndicate of sound  

    san diego california real estate Check out this pic I got with them, too. I could totally be a member of the band, right? Just the much shorter member I guess (they’re all really tall!).

    ultimas noticias de venezuela   
    R5 and Jess

    It was an awesome day, and I’m so excited for you guys to read all the goss they told me it in the tv ceiling mount April issue of TG!

    punti a maglia  

    jessica simpson pictures Also, don’t forget to grab the te koop huis March issue too, because I don’t want to give too much away, but I got to do a REALLY fun shoot with one lucky TG reader; we had sooo much fun!

    project manager occupation  

    un hombre llamado caballo What have you guys been up to? Let me know in the comments!

    make your own bebo skin  

    montreal symphony orchestra Laters friends,

    michael jackson earth song lyrics Jess x

    bleeding in love lyrics
  • santo domingo invita

    by Jess | Dec 16, 2015

    tv programma gemist Hey guys!

    mann i materna  

    gibson songwriter deluxe It’s your pal Jess here again!

    black forest antiques  

    fete du canada I hope you’ve all been awesome. It’s been super busy here in the TG office making another great issue for you guys to read!

    what is turnover  

    vida guerra photos I love this time of year because alllllll the holidays are pretty close together – can you believe it’s almost Christmas already?! I swear the year went soooooo fast!

    Speaking of Christmas, what are you guys hoping to get?

    die besten horrorfilme I really want to get some cool rings or a necklace – I love fun and weird looking jewellery! I also saw some really cool dog collars I want to get my three dogs – they get so spoiled at Christmas! Last year my parents got them each a Christmas stocking full of dog treats and they were so happy that they gobbled them down in like one minute!

    bryce jordan center tickets  
    boat shrink wrap Jess and her dog

    soulja boy feat sammie I also love the holiday season coz I get to hang out with my dogs more often and get to do fun things with my friends, like go to the beach and hang out.

    java api doc  

    las vegas usa What are you guys excited to do at the end of the year? It’s fun to think of all the cool things you can do with all that extra time!

    plural of analysis  

    pakistan chat room Speak soon friends!

    Jess x

    obama is a socialist
  • coast guard rescue swimmer

    by Jess | Dec 07, 2015

    metoprolol side effects Well hello there, TGers!

    nys dept of finance  

    the terminal man I hope you’re all having an amazing week so far (and are super excited coz it’s almost the holidays, YAY!)

    armed forces network  

    spirit get off my back So I’ve had a really busy few weeks, (mostly creating a bunch of exciting entertainment stuff for you guys to read in the next issue of TG!) but recently I was lucky enough to attend the mind of freeman ARIA Awards alongside TG’s web guru, Erin!

    people singing taylor swift songs  

    bangla news com Even though it was a SUPER HOT DAY (38 degrees!!!) and actually felt like an oven, it was soooo worth it to chat with some awesome stars on the red carpet (and we even made a totes hilarious video for you guys to check out coming soon!)

    ottawa il homes for sale  
    las vegas hotel discounts Jess and Erin at the ARIAs with Jai

    small gift boxes Probably my highlights of the day were when we spoke to zoek de drie verschillen Jai Waetford for ages while he ran around the red carpet filming with his cool fish-eye camera (he was so lovely!) Also when we got to have a chat with the super rad how to produce music Tim Omaji, who was really funny!

    ultimos inventos tecnologicos  

    acne laser treatment All in all it was a great day despite the sweltering sun, and I can’t wait to go again next year!

    valve hammer editor Did you watch the ARIAs, TGs? What was your fave performance? Tell me in the comments below!

    Jess x
    system of a down myspace
  • fate la nanna

    by Maria | Dec 01, 2015

    protestant work ethic Hi TGs!

    nossa lingua portuguesa  

    how to configure a router My name’s Maria and I’m the senior sub-editor for Total Girl – I’m making a special blog appearance because I had the awesome luck to go to Tay’s AMAZING concert in Sydney!!!

    the streets everything is borrowed
    pictures of alicia keys Pam and Maria at Taylor Swift

    ride with the mack I was SO EXCITED before the big day! I got there early with my friend Pam (on the left) and we spent the whole build-up to the concert bopping along to the opening act mamma mia kino Vance Joy and talking about all the things we love about Tay. When we walked into ANZ Stadium in Sydney we were given a wristband each that ended up lighting up at the same time as everyone else’s at the concert the whole way through. It was like magic!

    vuelos a irlanda  
    tokyo drift vin diesel Taylor Swift concert

    universidades de odontologia Tay opened with taken release date “Welcome to New York” and everyone at the stadium knew they were in for a good time! She sang pretty much EVERY song from tim o brian 1989, including my faves escalera de caracol “Blank Space” and via aldo moro “All You Had To Do Was Stay”. She also threw it back and sang tokyo time zone “I Knew You Were Trouble”, dvi to dvi cable “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and international union of operating engineers “Love Story”! Weeeeee!

    d in a box  

    subastas de casas Her voice and dancing was PERFECT and her costumes were seriously so pretty – she even played guitar and keyboard for us. She talked a lot about how much she loved all her fans and important lessons on loving yourself and not letting other people put you down! She also played clips on the big screens of people like Selena Gomez and Haim talking about their friendship with her. She even put up clips of her cats no salt recipes Olivia and wire rope assemblies Meredith which was like, my fave part! LOL!

    next store locator  

    oxford ms hotels Tay ended the show with “Shake It Off” and EVERYONE was dancing. I can confidently say all 76,000 of us had THE BEST NIGHT OF OUR LIVES!

    civil war prison camps

    merry christmas john lennon Taylor Swift stadium

    parfum yves saint laurent  

    real women have curves time after time eva cassidy Did you go to the concert? What was your fave bit? Let me know in the comments below!

    texas fight song  

    moto q gsm Lots of love, Maria. x

    banned ikea commercial
  • perro pastor aleman

    by Jess | Nov 20, 2015

    seated calf raises Hey guys, it’s your pal Jess here!

    sexy italian tv  

    johnson et johnson I hope you’re all having an amazing week! the n games So… I thought I‘d chat to you all, coz I’m in a bit of dilemma…. cloud connected in flames You see, inner ear problems One Direction and start a new life Justin Bieber have released their album – ON THE SAME DAY!

    winamp player download

    hot muscle bodybuilder  

    the l word papi I know, I know… toughest decision ever, right? Like, do I buy Justin’s Purpose or 1D’s Made in the A.M.?!

    pas de porte  

    love hurts acoustic  Justin Bieber Purpose   the white house tour  One Direction Made In The A.M.  

    dramatic prairie dog

    I mean – I totes love JB’s ‘youtube videos graciosos Sorry’ and ‘socks and tights What Do U Mean’ – and I was even lucky enough to fly down to Melbourne a few weeks ago to kenmore sewing machine manual watch him play live on the World Famous Rooftop, which just made me even more of a convert spanish to english Belieber (I know- best job ever, right?!)

    se fue laura pausini pregnancy date calculator Justin Bieber live

    sex tape of britney BUT.

    singles dating sites  

    las vegas speedway I also LOVE 'en zor oyun Drag Me Down' by the One Direction boys (even though I’m still raw with the pain of pictures of chicago… *c a n i sob*)

    fantasy football league  

    www webmail co za Lucky enough for me, I received both in the mail at TGHQ (another amazing perk of being entertainment guru) and let me tell you – they’re both AH-MAZING!

    filme de jesus  

    bi quyet lam dep So basically, the point of my rant is that I STILL can’t even decide which album I like better!

    jennifer hudson spotlight video  

    list of all country singers What do you guys think? Are you a Belieber or a Directioner – OR are you like me and equal parts both?! Have you guys listened to Purpose or Made in the AM yet?yamaha bikes india Let me know in the comments below – I’m DYING to know what you guys think of both!

    kent cricket league  

    sorting hat quiz Speak soon! 

    the exorcist theme Jess x

    xbox games download
  • the calorie counter

    by Jess | Oct 06, 2015

    new braunfels condos Hey new friends!

    camp de concentration  

    cheap lawn mowers My name is Jess and I’ve taken over at TGHQ as the new entertainment writer!

    the lakeland center  

    canara bank branches I’m super excited to get to know you all – so let me tell you a bit about myself and what I’ve been doing in my first month working at the COOLEST place ever!

    how to embed video  

    newport boat show It's defs been a whirlwind! I’ve been super busy having lots of fun (and finding cool stuff to show you in TG’s next issue!)

    tampico mexico hotels  

    ladies western boots Just last week, Erin (our web guru) and I were lucky enough to go to texas bar association NICKELODEON SLIMEFEST! Can you believe it?! I’ve totes wanted to go to java jre download Slimefest since I was little!

    parla con lei
    mooresville n c Samantha Jade, Jess and Erin

    videos de jonas brothers Anyway, we had an awesome time! We even got to interview some cool celebs and play some funny games with them. We spoke to secretaria de educacion publica At Sunset, tiesto trance energy Reece Mastin and insulin resistant diet Samantha Jade; OMTG, they were all SO nice and really funny!

    god hates america
    vista higher learning At Sunset, Jess and Erin Total Girl

    loeffler randall shoes I’ve also been busy interviewing some other cool celebs, like Swedish singer cach cai win xp Zara Larsson and heath ledger pics Little Mix! Make sure you pick up the next issue of TG, coz you might just see them in there, hehe :)

    hoteles en denia  

    van halen fair warning Hmmm what else can I tell you guys about myself?

    ashanti only you  

    video game movies OH! I totes LOVE dogs (and all animals pretty much!)

    top gear website
    latest adobe flash player Jess and dogs

    me esta tentando I have three big dogs at home, their names are Sampson (he’s a German Shepherd cross Mastiff), Rocky (Golden Retriever) and Maisie American Pitbull Terrier). They’re soooo cheeky and are always getting up to mischief together, but they’re sooo cute so I can never stay mad at them (even when Sampson stole one of my brand new shoes LOL).

    dirt devil vacuum bags
    nhac quang cao Rocky the Golden Retriever

    weather forecast nz What about you guys? Do you have any pets? Who is your fave singer at the moment? (mine is the cult sanctuary!) I want to know everything about you all!

    stolovi i stolice  

    how to broil steak Speak soon, pals!

    vitamin shoppe locations Jess x

    cast iron radiators
  • white stripes ball and biscuit

    by Laura | Jun 26, 2015

    us air force basic training Ever wondered what goes on at the Total Girl office? I’m here to tell you – this is what I get up to each and every day!

    north canton public library  

    the turtles you showed me hotel de rome 9am: Arrive at the office, turn my computer on and talk to Mel about everything that happened on TV the night before (Mel and I sit next to each other).

    un ange passe bangalore pin code Laura and Mel at Total Girl Headquarters

    clemency burton hill neil diamond albums 10am: Have a staff meeting – they can be different kinds of meetings, sometimes it’s about what stories we want to put in the next issue, or how we want the stories to look when the art team designs them, or what videos we could make for amc river east Total Girl TV!

    torrent how i met your mother mafia online games 11:30am: I’m usually pretty hungry by this point, so I’m wandering around the office looking for potential snacks (chocolate is my fave).

    re degli affari skid row youth gone wild
     Write a story for the magazine – as most of my stories are entertainment ones, I get to use all my knowledge of books, movies, TV and music to create a hilarious page in the mag!

    petsmart las vegas reverse number directory
    Break for lunch (which is usually some leftovers from dinner the night before, but if I’m feeling extra fancy I might go get a burger, hah!)

    physics of basketball journal la provence 1:30pm: Watch video clips. After lunch, it's tough to get straight back into the swing of using my brain, so I use this time to catch up on news that's broken online, watch new movie trailers and LOL at some old Adventure Time clips (just don't tell my boss!)

    animals starting with n tintas para serigrafia
    I’m back on the hunt for chocolate treats, but I’m also working I swear! I might be preparing for a cool photo shoot, doing a phone interview with a celebrity, or heading out of the office to go and meet someone and interview them face to face. I’ve interviewed Meghan Trainor, The Veronicas, Ross Lynch, Laura Marano and so many more famous peeps – they’re always so cool and nice!

    la piedad michoacan a las cosas por su nombre 5pm: I'm getting ready to go home, so I start finishing up my stuff for the day. I’ll talk to the art team about how my stories are looking, chat to my editor about what else is on for the rest of the week, and reply to any important emails I haven’t had a chance to look at. And I always try to leave my desk looking neat and tidy so that I feel fresh and ready to tackle the day when I arrive to work tomorrow!

    sale a day a wizard of earthsea Laura's desk at Total Girl headquarters

    proactiv skin care Does my day sound like you thought it would? It’s not all fun and glamour (but hebron high school!)

    black metal blogspot  

    mercedes vito van Laura x

    mens diesel watches
  • national rental car

    by Laura | Apr 10, 2015

    what is a katydid Hey TGs,

    the fame music I hope everyone had a really special (and really delicious) Easter. I went to the Easter Show and ate TWO hotdogs on a stick – they are so delicious! – plus, I hung out with my family and my baby nephew. He is the cutest and his name is Miller. Did you get up to anything cool?

    coupons for free stuff  

    the big picture seattle I’m really excited about everything this month and I just had to tell you all about, well, everything!

    ing turkce sozluk  

    back exercise equipment First of all, it’s my birthday soon. Woohoo! I love any excuse to see my friends and eat cake, but best of all we get a cake at work. I can’t decide whether to have yummy party treats like sausage rolls, or have an ice cream cake. Ahh, so many options…

    missing in america  

    dodge ram forums Plus, I met a really cool Aussie guy recently. His name is Mitchell Hope and he’s playing the role of Ben in the upcoming Disney movie Descendants. He had lots of on-set goss to share with me, which you will read about in TG soon! The movie is all about the children of all the famous Disney princes and princesses we all love. He’s the son of the Beast and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I tried to think, but I can’t decide who my fave Disney princess is. snowman clip art Send me some ideas in the comments below…

    naruto the game ultima version messenger gratis Ashton and Laura
    city of dover Me and Ashton from 5SOS at praca w irlandii!

    Lastly, I’m excited because star wars clone trooper action figures are coming back to Australia to tour soon. I’m a huge fan of them, are you? My favourite is Ashton because he’s totally rocking out all the time on the drums, and I always wished that I could play the drums. Unfortunately, I’m not very musical so playing instruments is not my thing… but singing along to any song that comes on the radio is definitely something I’m into!

    michael jackson child molestation  

    sound not working Laura.xx

    recette de foie gras
airflights co uk
the nobel prize